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Where Are you located?

The BGolden Fitness training studio is located at 2850 Prince Street, unit 15. We are right around the corner of Round Mountain Coffee.

How long are training sessions?

BGolden fitness offers both 30 and 50 minute sessions, depending on the needs of the client and schedule availability. Not sure which is right for you? Schedule a consultation and we’ll find out!

How does online training work?

BGolden fitness is available right in your pocket! Online clients receive weekly coaching calls. This is where we talk about progress from the previous week, set goals for the following week, and develop an action plan to reach your goals.

Using the BGolden Fitness training app, We are able to track progress not only in your workouts, but also nutrition, habits, lifestyle goals and much more! The app is also where you’ll access your customized workouts. Each workout includes text and video instructions for each exercise, as well as notes from your trainer. It’s everything you need to become who you wish to be!

What are you rates?

Rates for in-person training are dependent on a few factors, including number of sessions per week, duration of sessions, and availability.  There are no hidden fees or long-term contracts. All we ask is that you give 30 days notice before taking some time away from BGolden Fitness.  Once you sign up, there’s no need to worry about your rates changing. You will receive your initial rates for as long as you are a client of BGolden Fitness. 

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